6 Best Ear Ideas to Try in 2023

I’m resolving to make 2023 the year I finally embrace the beauty and fashion trends I’ve been avoiding. Exes: I bought a pair of flared leggings (aka yoga pants), cut myself some baby bangs, and scheduled an appointment to finally get all of my piercing ideas done. My Instagram is full of curated ear inspo (lobes, helix, industrial, daith, tragus, and more), and I’m finally open to making it happen—and also assisting you in achieving your ear-piercing objectives.

Constellation ear piercing idea
1. Constellation ear piercing idea

“Constellation piercings are becoming increasingly popular,” adds Alvarado, partially because they are simple to customize using a mix of hoops and studs to create your unique stack. Alvarado also suggests experimenting with location, whether it’s a lobe set (as seen below) or in the flat of your ear.

Industrial piercing with stacked lobe
2. Industrial piercing with stacked lobe

According to me, an industrial piercing—two holes joined by a single piece of jewelry, typically a barbel—always appears cool and edgy. You may create a very detailed, carefully curated ear look by wearing it with a few tiny piercings, such as tiny diamond studs.

Layered lobe piercing
3. Layered lobe piercing

Given that they are typically the least painful, take this as your cue to finally have that second, third, or fourth lobe piercing you’ve been wanting. Alvarado explains that lobe piercings are made in the soft tissue of the ear. “Lobby piercings cause little to no discomfort.” Additionally, changing up jewelry is simple (like these pearly studs I’ve been coveting) and the piercings don’t really go out of style.

Double forward-helix piercing idea
4. Double forward-helix piercing idea

I don’t set the standards; two forward helix piercings simply look better. Whether you have two or twenty piercings, a forward helix is the ideal tiny pop for the front of your ear, according to Mayfield. It’s like the pair of shoes you can wear every day of the week and know you’ll pick out of your wardrobe because they match with everything. Instead of sticking with identical studs, consider a mix of contrasting gold and gemstone studs to change up the design.

Horizontal lobe piercing
5. Horizontal lobe piercing

I really like where celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson pierced Anine Bing (the fashion designer largely responsible for bringing back the chic of graphic shirts). This well chosen ear is given a little edge by wearing two hoop earrings on either side of the horizontal lobe piercing. However, a variety of delicate, gold earrings keep it from feeling overly elaborate.

Double inner-conch piercing idea
6. Double inner-conch piercing idea

You can’t go wrong with any jewelry you select for a conch piercing because it’s located in the centre of your ear, advises Mayfield. You may choose two bb studs, as seen above, for a straightforward appearance, or once the piercing has healed, you could swap to a traditional hoop for a more eye-catching accessory.

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