A local skin and self-care expert discusses methods to keep you shining.

Summer offers plenty of outdoor activities and chances to soak up the sun. While enjoying the season, we must prioritize our skin and overall health.

Marci Delaney, senior therapist and owner of 131 Spa in West Columbia, says the sun's rays are stronger than ever, so a summer skincare and self-care routine is essential to stay beautiful and healthy.

Delaney says Southern skincare is better. Delaney likes the humidity despite the near-100-degree heat.

"Look at the humidity, girlfriend. I'm melting today. "But unlike Arizonans, it's so good for our skincare," Delaney remarked.

Since it's dry, they have to adapt their products. Oily skin reacts differently, therefore you have to modify. 

Healthy eating improves skin. Delaney believes eliminating sugar and dairy improves skin.

Fruits, vegetables, omega 3s, and superfoods are good for the skin, but dairy isn't for grownups. Smoking and drinking accelerate aging, she added.

Pollution and UV radiation stress summer skin. Antioxidants can protect your skin from these factors. Delaney advises finding an esthetician and building a rapport. 

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