All contestants in the Netflix reality series Zombieverse

The cast of Zombieverse, a pioneering new unscripted series that puts a collection of celebrities in a zombie apocalypse, is here.

Imagine being a celebrity invited to the South Korean dating series launch. While conversing with other celebrities, a woman bites a man on set.

You're helpless as she tries to eat others.

Zombieverse, a "groundbreaking" new series that "redefines the action variety genre," follows actual people as they cope, survive, and fight zombies.

This week, Zombieverse premieres on Netflix. Here are the contestants you need to know.Actress Lee Si-young used to box.

We Got Married, a 2009 reality show about fake married couples, made her famous. She presented Entertainment Relay from 2010–2012 and starred in Meet the In-Laws, Couples, and My Beautiful Bride. 

 Lee appeared in Netflix's 2020 apocalyptic horror thriller Sweet Home.Noh Hong-chul hosts Talents for Sale.

Infinite Challenge, I Live Alone, and PSY's Gangnam Style video made him a "sensation with a sensation" with US studios.

Keanu Reeves has not yet granted Samuel L. Jackson's he wants in request for John Wick.