As Netflix expands its Japan unscripted slate, 'Last One Standing' and 'Love Village' have been renewed for second seasons.

Netflix is adding more unscripted TV from Japan, its biggest East Asian market. Reality, variety, and dating shows are new.

We're delighted to expand our unscripted programming and introduce new ideas. 

"We want to elevate the unscripted category with great production values and storytelling from Japan's most innovative creative voices," Netflix Japan content manager Dai Ota said Thursday at a corporate showcase in Seoul, Korea.

15 unscripted titles are in development. From Sept. 3, "Is She the Wolf" will air overseas. 

The show, developed with broadcaster Abema and adapted from the 13-season "Who Is the Wolf," follows five men and five women on dates and a cooperative endeavor to find love.

"Love Village," another dating show, will return. It was the first Japanese reality show to target on singles 35–60.

New candidates and fan-favorite emcees Tamura Atsushi and Becky will expand the creative concept in season two.

The business is making a Korean drama-acting competition hybrid called "Love Like a K-Drama." Four Japanese actresses and four Korean actors compete for main roles in six Korean dramas alongside studio emcees. 

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