Cardi B reveals the secret to beautiful, luscious hair is 'proper care'

Cardi B is on hand to help her fans with hair issues.

The 30-year-old New Yorker is offering hair care advice with her followers in order to help them achieve their hair goals. Cardi B silenced her critics on Wednesday.

In a series of tweets, the I Like It rapper highlighted that the reason for her long hair is "hair products and good care that works for you.

" Cardi B uploaded a selfie on Tuesday showing off her waist-length natural hair, which sparked the debate.

According to one fan, she was "misleading" the public by marketing "hair growth oil" to Black women while being Latina.

Cardi stressed that she was not attempting to sell anything and was simply sharing her hair growth journey,

which she has been tracking since 2016. On Wednesday, the Grammy winner shared a series of photos from her life at various ages,

Including ones from childhood and high school, to back up her claim. The length of the locs differed between photos.

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