Diablo 4 Farming Wrathful Hearts

Diablo 4's first season's strongest effects are in Wrathful Hearts. Farm them without bugs.

Wrathful Hearts, the most powerful Malignant Hearts, are the stars of Diablo 4 Season 1. 

They're also the rarest, so players will want to find the right Wrathful Hearts for their constructions quickly.

The 1.1.1 Diablo 4 patch increased Wrathful Heart drop rates, making them more likely from all sources.

Wrathful Hearts are also earned by defeating Malignant creatures. The modifications list underneath a monster's health bar shows players what sort of heart it will drop.

Farming in Malignant Tunnels is ideal because elites are constantly Malignant.

Before diving into a tunnel, use a Wrathful Invoker to avoid wasting a Wrathful Heart drop in the room past the Malignant Corruption. 

Farming the Ravening Pit is the fastest and easiest Malignant Tunnel. This is in the Dry Steppes' Untamed Scarps. Avoid mobs and target elite adversaries.

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