Diablo 4's Inventory Situation Is Horrible

Diablo IV has been out for two months, and people are complaining, especially now that season one has started. Inventory management in the loot-hunting action-RPG is a prominent topic in the community.

Diablo IV, like past Blizzard games, has a lot of loot. Bosses, chests, and dungeons drop stuff as you explore Sanctuary.

Your bag will fill up with 110 inventory slots. That's good until you need space for your new weapon or gear. 

There are some alternatives for cleaning your inventory, but the procedure is so arduous that players are burnt out from over-micromanaging their goods, as I have experienced.

With post titles like “Comparing items and clearing inventory is overwhelming” and “Inventory management is burning me out from this game,” it's evident people are tired of rummaging through the in-game bag. 

 You can't deconstruct or salvage stuff anyplace. To break gear down into other materials, you must visit a blacksmith in one of Sanctuary's many settlements.

This pauses the loot-kill-loot loop by forcing you to return to a borough to repair equipment and costs time as you backtrack on foot or horseback or wait through a long loading screen when teleporting. If your inventory is full, looting is difficult until you make space.

To make room for better loot, drop unnecessary items. However, doing so is easy with a few button presses, but it's self-defeating because every piece of gear may be sold or broken down, which is better for your long-term bottom line. 

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