Exciting Update for Tom Holland's Uncharted 2 Sequel

Sony Pictures may make a second Uncharted film after its box office success and audience interest.

Uncharted opened on February 18, 2022, and grossed $401.7 million worldwide despite the COVID-19 epidemic.

Since the film's premiere, Sony Pictures hasn't confirmed any sequels, but a recent rumor suggests they're looking to contract Tom Holland for many sequels.

Mark Wahlberg, who appeared in the 2022 film with Holland, expressed interest in a sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter contacted Uncharted producer Charles Roven about Sony Pictures making a sequel to Tom Holland's 2022 video game adaptation.

The Oscar-nominated producer said they enjoyed making the film and that "fans really liked" it. The first Uncharted film didn't match the video games, so a sequel might too.

That's not a terrible thing, and since the games are so popular and loved, Sony would probably struggle to make a movie that could match the games' stories.

The first film's post-credits segment featured Roman's employee Gage. Roman may be from the first video game.

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