"Fired: Woman Monitored via Keystrokes While Remote Working"

A large insurance business employed keystroke technology on an employee's work laptop to see if she was working her assigned hours — and it backfired spectacularly.

Suzie Cheikho, a former Insurance Australia Group (IAG) consultant, filed an unfair dismissal claim with

the Fair Work Commission (FWC), who said she was sacked for a "valid reason of misconduct."

Cheikho was in charge of preparing insurance paperwork, following regulatory deadlines, and monitoring

"work from home compliance," among other things, according to the commission's findings.

Cheikho later told the FWC that her boss had a "premeditated plan to remove her from

the business and that she was targeted due to her mental health issues."

According to the online findings, Cheikho received a formal warning regarding her production in November 2022 and was placed on a performance improvement plan.

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