Following years of popular demand, Diablo 3 (yep, 3) is getting a new feature.

Diablo 4 fans wait for any leaderboards as Diablo 3 receives a new one. Blizzard's Season 29 will be dubbed "Visions of Enmity," and the player test realm (PTR) for the new season and mechanics will be live from August 15 to 29.

A long-requested Solo Self Found (SSF) mode with a scoreboard and Hardcore option will be added to PTR 2.7.6.

Class balancing tweaks, a Paragon Ceiling, and Primal Ancient item drop rates will also be included.

From Season 30, Diablo 3 will repeat themes, cosmetics, and rewards. Diablo 3 is still alive, even though most Diablo fans play Diablo 4. 

Blizzard announced a Solo Self Found mode and scoreboard for Season 29 today, surprising and delighting fans. A long-awaited feature. 

Hardcore aRPG enthusiasts have used SSF for years. The self-imposed challenge requires players to create a character and play the game using only things and resources they find or craft.  

They cannot trade, play multiplayer games, or gain XP in lobbies. This option is for gamers who want more control over their character's advancement and a more rewarding experience.

SSF was never an official Diablo 3 mode till now. SSF players needed honesty and discipline to follow the rules. Updates will modify that. Blizzard added SSF to Diablo 3 with leaderboards and a hardcore option. 

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