"Hard Knocks" calls Aaron Rodgers "a good guy" despite Cowherd's disdain of him.

Aaron Rodgers made his HBO debut on "Hard Knocks" on Tuesday evening. NFL fans may now get a sneak peek at the New York Jets' preparations for the 2023 season.

After 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers is embarking on a new adventure with his new team.

Fans are getting a glimpse of the new Rodgers, according to analyst Colin Cowherd. However,

He believes"Aaron is marketing a new version of himself." "It's a sanitized presentation.

HBO and Aaron Rodgers are proving that people are wrong, that Aaron is a good guy," Cowherd added.

. "It seemed a little excessive...." "I would argue that 13 years ago, I thought I was the first and only person,

Because everyone else was slobbering over his talent to ask real questions that needed to be asked."

Why couldn't he get along with his younger brother? Why is it that he can't get along with his parents? I disagree with his leadership.

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