I'm still learning Following Kevin Costner, another 'Yellowstone' star reveals disagreements with Taylor Sheridan as the show's creator refuses to collaborate.

Kevin Costner was a Yellowstone favorite. The actor's fascinating talent drew viewers to the series. He left the show unexpectedly. The series ended unexpectedly.

Behind the scenes, things seemed heated. Taylor Sheridan and Costner clashed frequently. The actor disliked his character's direction. 

 Unfortunately, he had little creative control. He left his character. Another actor has similar concerns.

Fans are eager to see what the bittersweet end of Yellowstone will bring. Kevin Costner's decision to depart the series about his character's direction was well-founded.

He decided to leave the show when nothing changed despite his wishes. Kelly Reilly agrees. Yellowstone stars her as Beth Dutton.

Kelly Reilly hated her persona. She's played Beth for five years and knows how she'll act. 

Taylor Sheridan's treatment of the character goes against her and fans' wishes. Kelly Reilly feels like Kevin Costner about her character. 

Her attachment has shown her how her character should be. The script permits little customization. The actress doesn't like the fifth season's ending.

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