In a 'flash mob burglary,' suspects steal $300,000 in designer goods, according to video.

Glendale Police say dozens of people ransacked a high-end designer store in a flash mob burglary on Tuesday.

At least 30 suspects "flooded" the Yves Saint Laurent store at The Americana at Brand Tuesday afternoon and took apparel and other property before escaping on foot and in multiple vehicles, police said. 

Investigating the situation. About $300,000 was lost.

Glendale's Americana is a prominent indoor-outdoor hub near Northeast and Downtown LA.

Onlookers recorded dozens of masked people sprinting out of the store with stuff.

"'Flash mob' burglaries involve a large, coordinated group of individuals simultaneously rushing into the store, overwhelming staff, and taking it over," the police said. 

Glendale Police Chief Manuel Cid stated that the agency will "pursue all leads and utilize every available resource to apprehend those responsible and bring them to justice."

The real estate business that owns The Americana at Brand, Caruso, is giving up to $50,000 for information on the incident and suspects.

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