In Diablo 4, you can truly tell when you're about to encounter The Butcher.

You're out of touch if you've been playing Diablo 4 this long and don't know The Butcher. You're lucky/unlucky to have never met him in-game.

Legendary Diablo boss The Butcher. He finds you, so you never fight him. A rare wandering boss, the Butcher. 

He can spawn anywhere, including the open world and dungeons, and he often appears when you're low on healing items and barely alive.

The Butcher can become a behemoth if his normal appearance isn't scary enough. Use terrain to outwit The Butcher.

YouTuber GoinPostle2 revealed this fantastic discovery. Once you know to look for it, The Butcher's music is easy to spot.

Most people listen to podcasts or music while playing, so you may miss the in-game soundtrack. If you can find that musical note, you'll have a better chance of beating The Butcher.

GoinPostle2 also noted that The Butcher struggles when circled, which could help squishy classes survive longer around him. However, Barbarians and Druids may not benefit from this.

Diablo 4's major 1.1.1 patch releases today on all platforms. The update strengthens Barbarians and Sorcerers, widens player Stash, lowers re-spec costs, increases monster density in endgame dungeons, and fixes the VRAM leak.

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