Is Baba Yaga Really Dead in John Wick 4?

Though open to interpretation, John Wick's death ends the franchise.

John Wick's death is never straightforward. A retired Russian assassin has survived unimaginable difficulties and brutally killed his adversaries throughout the franchise.

John Wick has defeated criminal organizations and expert assassins. After Chapter 4, John's death raises the question of whether Baba Yaga died in the last installment.

The highly anticipated John Wick: Chapter 4 was released a few months ago, shocking fans with the ending and marking the point at which the tough hitman ultimately dies.

The film didn't foreshadow its ending, so it's unclear if John Wick's seeming demise is his last.

In Chapter 4, John defeats the Marquis with a salvaged bullet despite dozens of life-threatening injuries. 

 John asks Winston to take him home but faints after a few steps. Winston, the Bowery King, and John's dog finish the film at Wick's cemetery.

Some fans thought the finale stunning and suitable, while others were emotionally impacted, but all of them tried to discover a foreshadowing of John's better fate.

Keanu Reeves has not yet granted Samuel L. Jackson's he wants in request for John Wick.