James Gunn Responds to Rumors That Grant Gustin's Flash Is Heading to the DCU

"Flash" James Gunn avoids Grant Gustin. James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe (DCU) will follow the DCEU's destruction.

The change will hopefully benefit fans more than just removing the "E" in DCEU. Gunn won't say if CW's Flash/Barry Allen (Gustin) will feature in his DCU.

Gunn answered @matthewchadd1987's Threads question concerning the filmmaker's online interaction with Gustin. 

Gunn and Gustin's interaction suggested the Guardians of the Galaxy director would include the CW's Flash in the DCU.

The Arrowverse's Scarlet Speedster, played by Gustin, is beloved by The Flash's nine-season fans. But believing a social media "follow" means the character will join the DCU is like grasping at straws.

When a fan asked James Gunn on social media if Grant Gustin's Flash was rushing into the DCU, he remained vague. The filmmaker evaded the question.

Gunn is adept at promoting his work and interacting with people on Twitter. He won't publicize Grant Gustin's prospective DCU involvement at a Flash fan's request.

Gustin's omission from Ezra Miller's The Flash film puzzles some Flash fans. With the film's subject firmly based on DC's multiverse, integrating Gustin felt like a no-brainer—especially since Miller's Scarlet Speedster briefly appeared in the CW's Arrowverse and met Gustin's Flash.

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