Johnny Manziel says he attempted suicide after Browns cut him in 2016: reports

Johnny Manziel stated in a new documentary that he attempted suicide after the Cleveland Browns cut him in 2016. 

"Untold: Johnny Football," which will be released on Netflix on Tuesday, is the latest in a series that takes an inside look at one of the best football stars of the twenty-first century, who ultimately flamed out of the NFL despite winning the 2012 Heisman Trophy at Texas A&M.

Manziel saw no way out after his lack of success in the league, combined with substance abuse concerns and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. 

More off-the-field issues arose in January 2016, when his girlfriend accused him of striking and threatening her, leading to a misdemeanor assault charge.

Despite reaching an arrangement with officials to have the case dropped under certain conditions, the Browns released him before the start of his third NFL season after using their first-round pick on him in 2014.

Manziel was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder that year, according to various accounts. However, he declined to go to rehab, and his substance usage difficulties worsened. 

The quarterback said that he went on a "$5 million bender" before attempting suicide.

"I wanted to make it as bad as humanly possible so that it seemed like an excuse and an out for me." Manziel had purchased a gun before to his "bender" in order to carry out his suicide attempt. But it did not work.

No one knows what happened to this day. "But the gun just clicked on me," Manziel claimed in the documentary, according to reports.

Manziel's suicide attempt provided him with a fresh perspective on life. Despite a shattered family bond as a result of his refusal to get treatment, Manziel returned to Texas and began his recovery. 

"It's been a long, long road, and I'm not sure if it's been great or bad — that's kind of still up for debate," his father, Paul Manziel, said in the documentary, according to reports. "But we are fortunate. And he is still with us. And we can still mend all the broken fences.

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