Kelly Reilly of Yellowstone paints a heartbreaking picture of Beth and Rip's future.

Paramount's popular Western drama Yellowstone depicts the real-life Dutton family, who run Montana's largest ranch, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

The 2018 fan-favorite series stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton III, the six-generation Dutton patriarch. 

John and his family defend the Yellowstone ranch from Indian reservations and affluent land developers throughout the series.

Since Season 1, British actress Kelly Reilly has played John's only daughter Beth Dutton, a talented entrepreneur and her father's protective protector.

 Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), Beth's father's right-hand man and ranch cowboy boss, is a fan favorite. Season 4, Episode 10 saw the ranch wedding.

According to Insider, Reilly discussed her character's storylines since the show's start in a featurette on Yellowstone Season 5, Part 1's Blu-ray and DVD. 

SAG-AFTRA strike and the announcement that Yellowstone will terminate after Season 5, this interview was conducted.

Reilly said working on the show is “fascinating” because Sheridan doesn’t share stories. “I’m coming to it almost the same as the audience,” Reilly said. I have character hopes and thoughts. 

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