Kelly Reilly's Top Ten Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

Since her debut in the British children's show The Biz, Kelly Reilly has been in Paramount Network's Yellowstone, Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films, and Denzel Washington's Flight. 

After The Biz, Reilly wrote to the creators of Prime Suspect, an ITV crime thriller starring Helen Mirren as a Detective Chief Inspector. 

Reilly played a lawyer's daughter in the fourth season and afterwards appeared in British shows before moving to America.

Reilly has played strong heroines in films like Eden Lake and Black Box. Her characters break out in a male-dominated society, adding optimism to her performances. 

 Reilly broke into the mainstream with key roles in True Detective season 2 and Yellowstone.

Reilly made her Broadway debut in Harold Pinter's Old Times with Clive Owen and was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for After Miss Julie.

Kelly Reilly and Oscar-nominated Ciarán Hinds shine in Above Suspicion, a compelling British police thriller.

Reilly and Hinds investigate terrible murders as ambitious rookie police detective Anna Travis and her senior.

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