Kevin Costner's Streaming Action Spy Movie Is His Most Intense

Kevin Costner is leaving Yellowstone as John Dutton, but we can still view his movies. With that in mind, let's dive into 3 Days to Kill's action, intrigue, and espionage.

Paramount+ streams. It offers a chance to see Kevin Costner in a more dramatic light with a heart-pounding story.

3 Days to Kill immerses viewers in worldwide espionage and redemption. Kevin Costner plays veteran CIA operative Ethan Renner in this thrilling thriller. 

However, this time he has a gun. After discovering he has a fatal illness, Renner reassesses his priorities and reconciles with his estranged wife and daughter.

Renner, played by Kevin Costner, faces his mortality and is offered salvation. Vivi Delay, played by Amber Heard, a mysterious operator, offers him a life-saving experimental medicine for one last operation.

Renner must juggle personal and professional obligations while negotiating the perilous world of espionage in three days.

The Kevin Costner picture, directed by McG, combines thrilling action with touching family drama. The film balances dramatic combat scenes with heartfelt family drama as Costner's Renner rushes against time to finish his mission and reunite with his family.t.

Hailee Steinfeld (Hawkeye) plays Renner's adolescent daughter Zoey. Steinfeld's character struggles with her father's return amid international intrigue, adding reality to the familial dynamics. One of her first important roles.

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