Lana Del Rey stuns audiences with her interpretation of Tammy Wynette's "Stand by Your Man."

Lana Del Rey's songs are replete with references to famous composers, and she occasionally covers them.On Tuesday,

 At the Walmart AMP in Rogers, Arkansas, the singer-songwriter sang Tammy Wynette's 1968 country music hit

Stand by Your Man." Fans captured the A&W singer's passionate rendition of the song.

The audience erupted as she lilted into the opening lyric of "Sometimes it's hard to be a woman,"

 Dressed in a floral gown and her hair up in a bouffant. Wynette's country-pop song,

which is now regarded as a classic, caused controversy when it was first released.

Many people assumed the lyrics implied that women should stay with violent husbands regardless of their misbehavior, but Wynette stated it was only a "pretty love song."

The country singer, who subsequently earned crossover success with Stand by Your Man, 

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