Marvel's Spider-Man 3 Can Beat the Black Symbiote Suit with One Unprecedented Suit

Since its debut, Insomniac's take on the Spider-Man mythology has been fascinating to see because of the creativity that went into it.

For instance, Insomniac didn't come up with the idea for the Sinister Six, but the group's lineup included Mr. Negative.

From Marvel's Spider-Man, giving the character a new viewpoint thanks to Peter's life as a recent university graduate.

Although Marvel's Spider-Man 2 also features a unique plot, it blatantly recycles well-known Spider-Man plots.

From previous theatrical versions, such as Harry's mysterious illness and Peter's symbiote-adorned appearance.

Peter's ability to wear the symbiote allows for a far more dynamic character development in the follow-up.

And its impact on his attitude and tone has already been shown in the gameplay trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

It will be intriguing to see how that story concludes because this will unavoidably lead to another host evolving into the monstrous, symbiote-infused monster known as Venom.

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