'Maui is my home — you don't speak for me': Lauren Boebert slammed over Hawaii fires attack on Biden

– Authorities confirmed that the Lahaina, Hawaii fire has resulted in 93 deaths and over 2,200 damaged or destroyed buildings, causing an estimated $6 billion in property damage.

– Criticism has arisen regarding President Joe Biden's attention to the Maui fires, with claims that he is not providing adequate focus on the situation.

– A statement suggests that President Biden was on vacation despite the crisis, leading to dissatisfaction with his handling of the situation.

– The Biden administration declared the affected region a natural disaster area and promised assistance.

– President Biden announced approval for a major disaster declaration for Hawaii, aiming to provide help to those in need due to the fires.

– He assured that efforts were underway to combat the fires and evacuate affected individuals.

– Lauren Boebert, a critic of Biden, was accused of exploiting the crisis for political gain, with commentators stating that President Biden had already taken action.

– Democratic activist Delilah Asterales responded to Boebert's claims, asserting that President Biden had swiftly declared a disaster and federal assets were being deployed to assist.

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