Megan Thee Stallion wanted Tory Lanez to face consequences for his conduct.

Megan Thee Stallion has not filtered her views regarding Tory Lanez before a decision is made.

According to Rolling Stone, Megan did not attend the sentencing court for the Canadian rapper for shooting and injuring her in July 2020, but the prosecution read a prepared statement on Monday.

Lanez, who was sentenced to ten years in jail on Tuesday, should be held entirely responsible for his actions, including further traumatizing Megan as a result of the incident, Megan said.

"I have difficulty being present. "I cannot bring myself to be in the same room with Tory after everything that has happened,"

Megan stated in a statement read by Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta. "I've been tormented and terrorized."

"He paid bloggers to spread false information, and he treated my trauma as if it were a joke when I could have died," she continued. 

"He blamed the system, he blamed the press, and he has recently used his childhood trauma to justify his actions."

"I'm healing slowly but steadily," she continued. But I will never be the same again. His crime deserves the full force of the law."

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