Narrative of Overwatch 2 The Missions Are Worth It, But Only Up to $15

The Overwatch 2: Invasion Toronto narrative mission becomes eerie halfway through. Omnics, Overwatch's sentient robots, are under attack from Null Sector, a terrorist organization, and you're helping them, 

 but as your squad of carefully curated heroes (you can choose from a smaller roster in each PvE mode than in PvP) navigates the Toronto subway tunnels, you discover something terrifying.

Broken electrical lines surround omnic corpses in subway trains. On the platform, an omnic kneels before a tentacled octopus-like robot.

My team rushes onto the platform with guns blazing as the subway doors open, but it's too late to assist the poor guy. We must continue.

The $15 Overwatch 2: Invasion bundle's three story missions are gorgeous and poignant, surprising me. 

Since Blizzard's inconsistent and misleading marketing about Overwatch 2's (perhaps needless) sequel, I was apprehensive going into my first PvE match. 

game premiered in October 2022 without a PvE mode after many changes since 2019. 

Players have rightly pointed out the excessive cost of cosmetics and the dearth of free legendary skins as Blizzard struggles to commercialize the free-to-play game.

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