New Asheville boutique hotels focus on Zelda Fitzgerald's history

Ashville - Atlanta-based developer Hatteras Sky and hotel management company Lark Hotels will build three boutique hotels this year, 

with a fourth in pre-development, with Roaring '20s-themed names and recreated 19th-century residences.

Zelda Salon and Zelda Dearest are named after Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. 

Hatteras Sky and the family of famous novelist F. Scott and his wife, Zelda Fitzgerald, who lived, vacationed, and sought treatment in Asheville, created the motels.

“Once we started to explore, you know, the connection between Asheville and the Fitzgeralds, we became moved by Zelda and her story and experience,” said Hatteras Sky founder Amy Kelly.

Kelly said Zelda Dearest, a 20-room South Slope boutique hotel opening in October, will celebrate Zelda Fitzgerald's "young adult years" with beauty and hope.

Zelda Salon, a 35-room pre-development, based about Fitzgerald's 1920s European years. Zelda and F. Scott stayed at Gertrude Stein's French residence, hence the name.

The name and design will reflect that time. "With nods to where they spent their time," Kelly remarked.

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