NFL Rumors Former GM discloses when Dalvin Cook and Ezekiel Elliott will sign their contracts

However, NFL expert Michael Lombardi predicts both running backs will be signed two weeks before the 2023 season.

Lombardi defended this by commenting on the running back position overall during camp. 

He believes Cook and Elliott won't sign until clubs' training camps are over because they don't want to risk injury.

The Seattle Seahawks have four healthy backs in the summer. Every camper was injured after a week.

Not to mention Tim Patrick, Marlon Mack, and others who suffered season-ending injuries before Week 1—usually non-contact ones. 

Cook and Elliott don't want to risk their careers by going to camp.

They also each had four 1,000-yard seasons with the Vikings and Cowboys. Training camp won't make them more dangerous.

Lombardi thinks Cook and Elliott know what they want. He implies that Cook will join the Dolphins and Elliott the Patriots, but the Bills, Jets, Colts, and now Cardinals might also sign one of the veterans.

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