Nintendo Files Patent for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Loading Sequence

Nintendo patented 32 in-game technology in July and August. One is unrelated to the company's masterwork, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

These patents cover Link's 'Fuse', 'Ultrahand', and 'Recall' abilities as well as Riju's distant lightning assault.

As Automaton noted, some of these patents may be "tad too aggressive" or "too general" for Nintendo's regular business. 

The Japanese developer registered some basic ideas including the game's loading phases, where Link employs fast travel to move to a new place and the starting point map changes to the destination map.

“A game processing method capable of enriching game presentation during a waiting period in which at least part of the game processing is interrupted” appears to be able to do this.

Link's speed calculation while on a "dynamic" item or vehicle is another patent. This solution's description

“Physics calculations control the movement of movable dynamic objects in the virtual space, while user input controls the player’s character. 

When the player's character is on top of a dynamic object, the object's movement is added to the character's.

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