On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Tom Holland debuted the new 'Far From Home' Spider-Man outfit.

Despite the fact that Spider-Man was killed in Avengers: Infinity War, Tom Holland appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to show off his new Spider-Man suit.

The plan was for Holland to appear on the show to retrieve his mask from Kimmel's friend Guillermo, with the Marvel star receiving a standing ovation when he

removed the traffic cone he was wearing as a replacement mask (it was all very Partridge) and the audience realized they were seeing the real new suit.

And it wasn't made of dust, either. It's a darker suit than we saw in Homecoming, which could imply that Spidey returns from the brink in a more melancholy mood in Far From Home.

That would be consistent with the 'Far From Home' title, as well as the notion that superhero sequels tend to be darker. Is 'Far From Home' the Dark Knight of Spider-Man movies?

It doesn't really fit for the character to go dark, therefore this is most likely just a costume designer having fun. Isn't it fun to speculate, though?We're receiving this

new look at the character because filming in London has recently finished. Last year, when asked if Far From Home would stay in high school, director Jon Watts said, 

"I think that would be a lot of fun." There is still much uncharted territory.""To deal with the fallout of Infinity War and be a junior in high school, I think that sounds like a pretty good movie to me," Watts remarked.

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