One Peace Creator Had Two Specific Netflix Adaptation Requests 

The mangaka is clearly trying to prevent One Piece from following Cowboy Bebop and Death Note.

The One Piece adaptation's creators were limited by Eiichiro Oda. Netflix will distribute One Piece when the mangaka is satisfied.

Eiichiro Oda noted that the Tomorrow Studio developers of the show properly comprehend the characters of the original source and that all parts of the television adaptation are in harmony.

Oda had thought a foreign team would struggle to complete the project, but he changed his mind.

Showrunner Matt Owens said Oda had two adaptation requests. Oda ordered no alterations to the Straw Hat Pirates' backstory. Owens said

Because they're so important to who they are, what their aspirations and motivations are, and how Luffy digs into that when he meets them and helps them rediscover their dreams.”

“Oda carefully crafted specific devil fruit powers and other skill sets and a lot of imagination went into what different people can do and what the rules are.”

One Piece is also the most costly Netflix project at $150 million. The funding for CGI seems promising given One Piece's many weird creatures.

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