Originally, The Flash was supposed to be the big baddy of the DCEU.

DCEU enthusiasts know that 2016's cinematic universe plans shifted drastically.

After Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad received mixed reviews, the franchise was in disarray. The Flash was hit hardest by the continuous changes and rotating doors.

Rick Famuyiwa directed the Scarlet Speedster's standalone picture, but it was very different from what we got earlier this year.

Jay Olivia, Flashpoint's storyboard artist, provided fresh facts about Famuyiwa's The Flash in an Inverse interview.Olivia says, “Rick’s movie wasn’t Flashpoint. 

There were originally five Zack features and one side movie, Suicide Squad. Like Aquaman, Rick's movie would be a series. Trilogies were planned for all of those flicks.

Rick's film established Zoom as DC's biggest villain. Professor Zoom, who came from the future to annoy Barry, was in charge. 

Zoom was the Flash movies' background villain. Zoom's effect on the Justice League is also seen in the supplemental flicks.

He concludes, offering Snyder fans a preview. Zack's Darkseid quadrilogy would finish with a Justice League Unlimited Snyder-verse. Flip it. Flashpoint Paradox. 

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