Refreshing to see beloved bear Otis eats 100lbs of salmon in three days.

Since his tardy entrance from hibernation, the most famous brown bear on Alaska's Brooks River has seemed old, thin, and arthritic, which has many people worried.

The bear, named Otis, "has eaten over 100 [pounds] of salmon in the last 36 hours," the staff at Explore.

org, who run live-feed cameras on the Brooks River, announced on Tuesday. He has been fishing continuously.

It's fantastic news for his supporters, undoubtedly, but it's also good news for a bear who is 27 years old—the peak of.

A brown bear's life cycle—and who must contend with younger, more active bears for excellent riverside fishing places.

One of his followers said, "Now I can tell he is better." "The bones and ribs that were protruding are becoming smoother. Keep going, OTIS.

He needs all the calories he can get, according to another remark. He needs to catch up to the big boys like the 747.

This is a reference to the real-life giant known as Bear 747, also known as Bear Force One.

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