Sam Heughan lobbied for 'Outlander' Season 8 to be the final season.

TV fans fear premature and inconclusive endings more than anything. Sam Heughan, the principal actor of Outlander, prevented this from happening. 

Heughan, who has played fan-favorite Highland warrior Jamie Fraser since 2014, has grown to love Outlander. 

The Scottish actor has candidly stated that the show holds personal significance to him, so when producers discussed ending the series inconclusively with Season 7, Heughan advocated for another season prioritizing fans' connection to the series.

Diana Gabaldon's bestsellers inspired Outlander. Season 7 coincides with the period of An Echo in the Bone, the 7th novel of a 10-novel series. 

With only one season left until the program ends, the TV adaptation will likely have a different finale from its source material because it would be impossible to fit elements from three additional volumes into one season.

Heughan wants the series to conclude definitively. The actor spoke to The Herald about his campaign for an 8th season. 

“We were supposed to finish this season and I didn’t want to finish without finishing the story,” Heughan remarked. 

“I want to finish the story for myself and fans. "Leaving it hanging would be unsatisfying." Season 7's mid-season finale airs Friday, August 11. 

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