Silvinei Vasques, a former leader of the PRF, is currently in federal detention.

– Silvinei Vasques, ex-diretor-geral da Polícia Rodoviária Federal (PRF), arrested due to suspected involvement in orchestrating roadblocks to hinder Lula supporters' movement during the 2022 presidential runoff.

– Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes, ordered Vasques' preventive detention to prevent witness intimidation during the investigation.

Vasques detained indefinitely in São José, Florianópolis, following STF's decision based on a PF request.

PF seized Vasques' devices, computer, and passport; executed ten search warrants on seven former PRF officials suspended for two months.

Investigation revolves around allegations that Vasques and suspended officials aimed to influence the second-round election outcome.

Actions seen as an attempt to hinder Lula's voter mobility and potentially impact the election's fairness.

The arrest and suspensions highlight significant legal and political implications.

STF's involvement underscores the seriousness of the case and the need to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

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