'Suits' is a surprise hit on Netflix once more, but its writers are barely seeing residuals.

We know why Hollywood screenwriters have been on strike for almost four months, but we can only really comprehend how grave the situation is for screenwriters when one of them speaks up. 

Suits writer and producer Ethan Drogin penned a lengthy Los Angeles Times essay this week.

Drogin shared his residuals from writing Episode 8 of Season 1 of Suits: The huge $259.71. All seasons of the legal series debuted on Netflix,

and many customers binge-watched them. Suits was the streamer's most-watched acquired show after Nielsen reported 3.7 billion minutes of viewing in one week.

This is wonderful for Netflix since it maintains members and keeps them tuned in, especially since the series has 134 episodes over nine seasons. 

 As Drogin notes, the people who helped create the show and laid the groundwork for its extended run received little financial remuneration for a show that became a hit again.

Drogin adds that all NBCUniversal had to pay the six original Suits writers for the show's renewed popularity last quarter was $3,000, divided among them.

 Netflix didn't pay four or five figures for the show. The writer also says he hasn't been compensated for writing Suits' South Korean, Japanese, and Egyptian adaptations.

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