Supergirl: Every character ranked from worst to greatest

It's been nearly a decade since the Girl of Steel first appeared on our screens in CBS' Supergirl. I know, it's bizarre! Especially when she has spent the most of that decade

on our screens, knocking down bad villains and spreading hope throughout the Arrowverse.

The show's move to The CW may have robbed us of some of those beautiful Los Angeles exterior shots, but it did open up the show's world to even more characters,

as many of its most beloved characters arrived after the first season, including a slew of other heroes from the various other Arrowverse shows.

Yes, Kara Danvers was at the heart of Supergirl, but she was surrounded by so many amazing characters, and there is no denying that we fell in love with them as well.

The show may have ended in 2021, but let's take this chance to enjoy everything (and everyone) that it gave us as we reflect back on its six-season run and rank all of the key characters from worst to greatest.

If there was one character that Supergirl didn't quite get right, it was William Dey. That's not to say there weren't glimpses of genius (there were),

but a succession of terrible occurrences stopped him from ever completely establishing his footing.In season 5,

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