Taylor Russell receives a standing ovation from Harry Styles and his friends: Watch

During Taylor Russell's recent performance, Harry Styles and his entourage gave her a standing ovation. 

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell reunited in London for the opening night of The Effect,

A  play that is presently in production.Styles and Russell were seen in images obtained by 

The Daily Mail experiencing moments of warmth and camaraderie at a gathering following the performance. 

Written by RussellThe couple appeared to enjoy each other's company amid smiles and a pleasant mood. 

Rumors of a sexual relationship between actor Harry Styles and actress Taylor Russell appear to have been validated by recently published paparazzi images by Page Six. 

on the National Theatre. Styles, dressed in a black jacket, is seen throwing his arm around Russell's waist, who is clothed in a strapless mocha brown gown. 

According to a source quoted by Page Six, Styles paid a visit to Russell's dressing room following her performance, fuelling speculation about their budding romance.

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