The Flash's Luke Brandon Field Discusses Bringing Alberto Falcone to the Big Screen, Batman: The Long Halloween Connections, and More

The Flash introduced several new DC movie characters and brought back some fan favorites. 

Luke Brandon Field played Alberto Falcone, a member of the powerful and deadly Falcone family. 

 In The Flash, Alberto fights The Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman for the first time. Carmine Falcone has appeared multiple times. 

Before the SAG-AFTRA Strike, interviewed Field about Alberto's big screen debut, Batman: The Long Halloween, and more.

Field knew the Falcone family through his connection with Tom Wilkinson, who played Carmine in Batman Begins and Dark Knight. 

"What was intriguing was when I was told who I was portraying, I was like, 'Hang on, wait one second.' Of course, I knew Tom Wilkinson, another comic book father. 

"I got a scholarship at UCLA to become an actor, and Tom gave me a lot of advice and was so nice," Field added.

"His daughter was my childhood friend, so I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is all very kismet.'" Tom's great advice when I moved to LA at 18. 

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