The Marvel Hero's Name Takes on New Meaning in the Boys' Version of "Doctor Strange"

The Boys' 'Doctor Strange' gives Strange's moniker a whole new meaning, continuing the series' reputation for corrupting heroes.

The Boys' Doctor Strange spoof gives the Marvel hero's name a frightening new meaning and corrupts him to the core.

After a terrible accident, Marvel Comics surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange learned the mystic arts.

 Stephen Strange became Doctor Strange after mastering the mystic arts and becoming the Marvel Universe's Sorcerer Supreme.

He dedicated his life to protecting the innocent and fending against the universe's worst horrors. Unfortunately, Doctor Peculiar, The Boys' Doctor Strange, is the opposite.

Butcher says, “He supplies high class strange for supes willin’ to pay” because the Boys are investigating a prostitution transaction

Doctor Peculiar saves people in the most gruesome and cruel methods, unlike Doctor Strange.

Doctor Peculiar's character completely bends and corrupts Doctor Strange's values, as The Boys is known for doing with iconic superheroes.

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