This Week's Netflix UK Releases August 11th, 2023

Welcome to a late Netflix UK recap. Despite only 23 new releases this week, there are some gems. 

Below, we'll review Netflix UK's best 10 movies and programs from the past week.

The Chosen One, One Piece, and The Monkey King are still to come this month.

The Ghostbusters reboot is Netflix UK's latest Sony film to arrive two years after its theatrical release. Unlike the 2016 reboot, this is worth your time.

In a little community, a young family discovers something that unleashes deadly paranormal powers.

The Northern Ireland conflict film Certified Fresh returns to Netflix UK this week. 

A young British soldier separated from his squad in Belfast during the Troubles survives a night in the harsh and brutal city alone.

Our third pick is Netflix's new Netflix Original movie and their third summer action blockbuster, starring Gal Gadot.

Kelly Clarkson's astronomical alimony payments to Brandon Blackstock after their divorce.