Trump's 2024 campaign is so bad he's making "pleading phone calls" for support.

Honestly, nobody has been particularly excited about Donald Trump's third presidential bid since he announced it in November.

You name it: Republican voters, GOP leaders, Fox News. Nobody seems to care.

The troubled, one-term, twice-impeached former president will travel to Columbia, South Carolina this week to introduce the individuals.

He has chosen to head his 2024 campaign plan in the Palmetto State, one of the first states to cast ballots in the Republican presidential primary.

Last week, it was revealed that he would be accompanied at the South Carolina State House by lapdog Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

As well as a few less well-known members of the state's congressional delegation and legislature.

Trump's staff, however, is reportedly beginning to panic since they don't have enough well-known figures to attend the event.

So they have started making "pleading phone calls" to other potential supporters around the state in an effort to generate more coverage and enthusiasm.

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