Yellowstone Fans Believe the Series Will End With John Dutton's Death

John Dutton, live with me. Fans of Yellowstone, a western drama on indefinite pause since January, have had time to figure out its ending. 

 The series' treatment of Kevin Costner, who plays Yellowstone's patriarch John Dutton, is a huge issue.

Costner may be to blame for Season Five's production issues, despite the SAG-AFTRA strike. Taylor Sheridan and the star reportedly fought over production dates. 

Yellowstone's success will end with Season Five's second half. How do we see Costner's likely departure? Will the show kill Yellowstone if he returns? Fans say it's the only way to move on.

"John dies," one Redditor predicted. "Kayce inherits the ranch and co-owns with the Indians." Good idea! It concludes.

I also appreciate the idea that Native Americans would reclaim the land through John Dutton's family to Tate Dutton. "I like that ending," another person said. 

 "While fighting, Jamie and John perish. Beth and Rip stay at the mansion. Kayce and Monica live at the east pasture house and help Tate inherit." Almost certain.

Since the Season Three finale almost killed John Dutton, fans have prophesied Yellowstone's demise. A new Insider interview with Beth's Kelly Reilly shed some light.

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