'Yellowstone': Who is more likely to kill the other, Beth or Jamie? (POLL)

The first half of Season 5 ended on January 1 of this year with Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley) ready to make some serious moves.

Beth was displeased to find that Jamie wanted her father, Governor John (Kevin Costner), impeached. Beth said, "That motherf**ker" and broke into his home.

 She assaulted him, threatening to reveal his disposal of his father's body, but he revealed the "train station"—the family and ranch's opponents' bodies. 

Beth warned him that their struggle was "just beginning" as she left.

Jamie's railway station story gave Beth an idea. She confronted John, who verified its existence. He called it the garbage can for our attackers.

“Where did the men who attacked you in your office and our ranch go? Are you surprised we avoided the penalties of protecting ourselves? I'm surprised.

 We always have. Unless we’re willing to walk away from 120 years of our family bleeding into this earth, we always will.”

She noted that Jamie was a legitimate antagonist. "Daddy, what do you think?" John didn't respond, but he leant forward, indicating his approval. 

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