Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Player Constructs USS Enterprise Based on Star Trek

One clever Star Trek fan and Tears of the Kingdom player recreates the USS Enterprise in the latest Zelda game.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, an engineering-savvy Star Trek fan built a USS Enterprise replica. 

Their success shows Tears of the Kingdom's building mechanics' adaptability.

Link's new Ultrahand ability lets players combine up to 21 components into a range of weapons, vehicles, and other contraptions in the latest Zelda game, expanding its sandbox elements. 

 Since the game's release, fans have used Tears of the Kingdom to build controlled birds, walking mechs, rain sensors, and more.

BewareMyStingerTail made a flying Star Trek USS Enterprise replica. The Tears of the Kingdom aircraft's design is reminiscent of the original 1960s Star Trek starship, despite the game's 21-part constraint.

The design uses eight Construct Factory guard rails and five Zonai Fans, some of which are attached directly and others via cleverly placed weaponry like Tears of the Kingdom's Cobble Crushers. 

Link pilots the aircraft with a Zonai Steering Stick. This USS Enterprise replica can fly vast distances, as seen in a Reddit video by its builder. The ship's railing is responsible for both traits.

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